Where In The World Is Coco?: Doha & Dubai



Last week we shared with you our opulent experience in Dubai with Qatar Airways and maybe alluded to the reason we were there but this week is the big reveal.  We traveled all the way across the world and partnered with Qatar Airways to film our first episode of Where In The World Is Coco?!

Our goal is to share our travels and show you our favourite spots in the world in the hopes to continue to inspire you to hit the road, try something new and explore this little big world of ours.  We want to share our recommendations and give you access to the coolest, off the beaten path spots that are not only sweet but safe and friendly, making the world our neighborhood, connecting with like-minded locals all around the world.

Check out our first episode below:


Special thanks to Qatar Airways for making this experience possible and possibly the best ever.

Video created by P Plus