Motivation Monday: Forme Fitness x Adidas


This weather, although amazingly warmer than previous winters (remember that ice storm we had two years ago? ) still makes leaving the house for a workout a little difficult. Our beds are so warm and our duvets protect us from the cold that hurts our face buttttt on the other side of those duvets is the good stuff- the sweat, the heat and the heart pumping that comes from a great workout!




Our second workout for our Motivation Monday took us to Forme Fitness Gym located at 100 Broadview Avenue where were had our peaches kicked in the dopest Adidas gear. Wearing women’s adizero formation track jackets and techfit long tights that draw the sweat away from the skin to keep you cool and dry, our gear was not only extremely comfortable but lightweight and more importantly breathable.


Being guided and coached by one of Forme’s founders, Marty, we knew we were in for a great workout. He kept us on track, encouraged us to fight a little harder and motivated us until the very end.

New Group Edit

We partnered up and did a full crossfit circuit with 8 stations that we went through 3 times that made us work every muscle in our bodies including the ones (I) didn’t know existed. As an active group who work out and love trying new places, we wanted a challenge; never having been to Forme Fitness myself, I was excited to try this circuit and I can personally say, it was definitely a challenge!

If you’re looking to switch up your workout routine and want to push yourself a little harder, Forme Fitness runs different challenges throughout the year to keep you motivated and boy are the results amazing. More details on their website here: Forme Fitness Challenge

Also, learn more about Adidas and their killer training gear here! Adidas

P.s If you go to Forme we’d love to hear about your experience!

Happy Monday!


-Karen Michelle




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