Travel Tuesday: Mo Bay, Jamaica


I have never been away for New Years and when my friends were discussing the possibility, I knew I was on board! We decided on Montego Bay, Jamaica, and having had the craziest schedule (finishing my undergrad plus working two jobs) this trip was much needed and I was so excited for warmer weather with 12 of my friends.

As much as I love all inclusive resorts, I love having the option of leaving to explore; I usually love being able to see more than just the resort, and having done a bit of research before going, I knew there were a few things I wanted to do while there.

Here are my top 5 favourite things about my trip to Montego Bay:



  1. The Beach. I am convinced that I was a mermaid in my previous life because immediately after arriving at The Hyatt Ziva Hotel in Montego, I put on my bikini and headed to the water. There is something that happens when my toes touch the sand and all I hear are the crashing waves. Being an early bird, I often spent 15 minutes of every morning alone at the beach; the calm I felt was so relaxing and most definitely something I relished and wish to experience more often. IMG_9189
  2. The Hotel. It was magnificent! Having previously been a Ritz Carlton and now a Hyatt chain, the hotel was beyond 5 stars. I am a sucker for beautiful architecture and this resort (apart from the buildings) boasted beautiful palm tree lined pathways and the comfiest cabanas that were seen everywhere. They were the perfect little places to chill during the day, or even at night after dinner. With two pool areas (one for children and families and one for adults) there was something for everyone. From daily turn down service, to on hand delivery of food and drinks and my fave, jerk chicken on the beach, this resort was amazing. IMG_8579
  3. My Friends. This trip in MoBay couldn’t and wouldn’t be what it was without my friends. Being a group of 12 who have grown up together and who love to have fun, I knew this trip would be memorable. After breakfast we would all meet at the pool where we played football, swam, and played drinking games. I don’t remember the last time I laughed as much or as often as I did on this trip, and my friends are the ones to thank. IMG_9240
  4. Negril. A few days before we left we took a day trip to Negril where we had a full day of activities planned. On a two hour drive along the coast I saw the landscape and life change a multiple of times.
    Our driver was kind enough to make a few stops for us where we bought fresh patties and fresh coconut. There were so many little shops along the way that had shelves lined with shells (try saying that a few times!) IMG_9895
  5.  Catamaran / Ricks Cafe. This was definitely my most favourite and most memorable part of my trip. Upon arriving in Negril we got on a Catamaran that we rented for the day. It picked us up from Margaritaville and took us out where we started our day by snorkelling (a first for some of my friends). After snorkelling the captain took us to Pirate Cove where we swam through a cave! From there we went to Ricks Cafe– A world famous spot with a 35 foot cliff that I was SOOOO excited to jump off of (Do you believe me yet about being a mermaid?!) From there we spent a few more hours on the water, diving off the catamaran into crystal clear waters.

My New Year started off in the best way possible and I am so lucky and blessed to have experienced so much in a week in one of the most beautiful countries in the world! If you have not been to Jamaica, I urge you to go. There is so much to see and so much to do and the people are SOO nice.

Forever wanderlusting- until my next adventure!


-Karen Michelle


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