Thursday Thought: One Word To Describe 2016


In our weekly meetings we talk about a ton of things.  We pitch story ideas, event ideas, flush out thoughts and how to make them bigger; and when discussing the New Year we decided it would be interesting to talk about a word that we would like to describe 2016 when we’re looking back on it in 2017.  Instead of a resolution, we wanted a word that we would cling to every month as a reminder of what our intention was for the year, how when we fell on tough times just a reminder of that word would set us back on the right path to achieving the goals that all centered around our focus – that word.

Today we’re sharing our words with a little background on why we chose them.  I’m up first and my word is:

Growth.  Last year was a big year of change for me.  Personally very painful but my business and the changes it began to take on were not only inspiring, but one of the only things that kept me going.  I love what I do.  I cherish the fact that I’m able to wake up every day and create.  It’s not anywhere close to perfect and it can be incredibly stressful when people’s salaries literally depend on you staying afloat, but having the ability to know that I can find a way gets me up and excited every morning.

This year I want to take it to another level.  I want to build on ideas I’ve been toying with and expand to what I know we’re capable of taking on.  In short, I want to grow.  I want to grow and I am finally willing to take on all of the challenges that come with it.

Martina: Progress


I hope to make many positive changes to my life this new year. So for me in 2016, “Progress” is everything. Progress is a forward and onward movement to a destination. It will be my constant reminder that in each decision I make, whether it be with self love, my social life, my entrepreneurial endeavours, with work and financial decisions that I am moving on an upward and progressive path to reach a destination where I feel true progression has been made. There is always room to learn, grow and progress in all aspects of life, and this year I choose to be more aware of my decisions.
Hayley: Presence 
Confession: I am a worrier. My mind is constantly racing into the future, stressing about things I need to get done, or over analyzing situations and interactions. In 2015 I discovered this was holding me back from experiencing all the joy that life was offering up to me – because my mind was always somewhere else, I couldn’t fully appreciate the all wonderful things that were happening moment to moment, right in front of me. Life is really a beautiful journey, but only we can decide to what extent we’ll be a part of it. In 2016 I want to be a bigger part of it. I want to bring my whole presence to each moment so that I can fully experience and appreciate all the good that comes my way.
Karen Michelle: Strength
So often we end up in jobs, relationships and ruts that leave us feeling depleted and lost. We get comfortable and complacent and having been there, done that, my word for what will guide me this year is strength; to have strength to leave behind anything that does not make me better; to have strength to learn and grow from the bad and the strength to keep moving forward so that I may never become complacent.

Winy: Courage
I’ve lived with fear for a very long time. That said, I promised myself that I would go into 2016 with a renewed sense of self and courage.  The courage to use all my capacities to better myself as a human, the courage to try new things, the courage to love, the courage to take chances, the courage to forgive, the courage to live.
 There’s one life to live, why not have the courage to live it fully?

P Plus: Evolve


I have an affinity to the word evolve because it encompasses two things we need to grow. Today and Tomorrow. If we put in the work today, we can benefit from the fruits of the labour tomorrow.
While being ready for the opportunities that come your way in the present, it is all due to the ground work you laid down yesterday.
– Evolve
What’s your word for the year?  Do you have something that you want to guide you along the way?


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