Motherhood Mondays: Our Fave Children’s Books

finding winy

I have to admit something that made me way too sad during the first two years of Harlowe’s life – she hated books.  She ripped them, threw them, coloured on them, screamed at me when I tried to read them to her….  At first, I thought it was the books, so I bought tons of different options.  Anytime anyone asked me what H wanted for a gift, I said books.  Time and time again, she tossed them to the side.  But I didn’t give up and two months before her third birthday, everything changed.

“Read me book, Momma,” she said.

Be still my book-obsessed-heart.  Not many sentences have melted me ever in my life more than that one.  She came prepared, book in hand and ready to listen.  We didn’t make it through the whole thing.  She really wanted to just point out what she was familiar with.

“Look a bird!  That’s a red shoe!  Oh, Mummy, she has a crown!”

But it was perfect.  That’s the thing about having a kid, you can have all of the expectations in the world, have all the plans you can dream into existence, but they will never, not ever, go exactly as planned.  Soon enough, you will begin to see the beauty in the unplanned, the magic in the mess.

Trying as I might to get my girl into books I’ve found a bunch of new classics to add to my all time favourite classic list of books for children.  Here are the some of the new ones I love:

finding winy

Finding Winnie:

Finding Winnie, written by Lindsay Mattick, who just happens to not only be a colleague who runs PR firm, Pomp and Circumstance, but also the great grand daughter of Harry Colebourn, the vet who rescued a baby bear whom he named, Winnie, after his hometown of Winnipeg.  Harry took Winnie on a journey to London where he ultimately met a boy named Christopher Robbins and Mattick tells the beautiful story behind the story about the world’s most famous bear.

the princess and the pony

Princess And The Pony

This is the absolute cutest book in life!  Harlowe and I howl with laughter every time we read it and we’ve been reading it almost every night.  From the illustrations, to the sweet story, to the adorable kick butt protagonist, it’s just the best.

the princess and the pony

Coco & The Little Black Dress:

coco chanel

Full disclaimer: this book was so initially for me.  What Chanel loving mother wouldn’t be attracted to that cover?  To the surprise of both of us it is the sweetest book that simply tells the story of Coco Chanel’s rise to fashion fame.  This little book is not only beautiful but full of inspiration for women and little girls alike.






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2 thoughts on “Motherhood Mondays: Our Fave Children’s Books

  1. Oh YAY! There is hope yet for Siena who has a million books but would rather stare at an “eye-pah” (iPad). I so badly want her to love books. This pony one is so ME! hahaha -Miche

  2. Oh YAY! There is hope yet for Siena who has a million books but would rather stare at an “eye-pah” (iPad). I so badly want her to love books. This pony one is so ME! hahaha

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