Travel Tuesday: Glendorn Lodge

glendorn lodge

There’s a long weekend ahead and you need to get away, you need an excuse to put work aside because you haven’t given yourself time to relax in a long time. Well, meet Glendorn Lodge; just on the other side of the American border there it lies, the perfect getaway for the overwhelmed soul.

I had the opportunity to visit the lodge just last weekend and had to share it with you straight away!

glendorn lodge

We arrived on Friday afternoon, just in time for the perfect snowfall. The grounds were covered in a fluffy white blanket that no one could resist. The smell of fresh pine and the chipmunks climbing trees made you forget all the troubles back home in that moment.


Allow me to set the mood. The scenic drive might take you 3.5 hours but it’s well worth the drive once you get to the Glendorn gates in Pennsylvania’s National Park. Upon your arrival, Stephanie Schafer, the grounds manager greets you with a glass of Veuve Cliquot, the yummiest and sweetest greeting. She fills you in on Glendorns’ history and after you’ve sipped your champagne you are taken into the lodge.


Glendorn Lodge holds up to 60 guests in one evening, with cabins holding up to 8 guests at a time. Each cabin was built for a different member of the Dorn family, allowing that family member to customize their cabin to their liking. The recent owners have made great efforts in keeping the feel of each cabin to their original states and that’s what makes this place feel like home to so many.


EFP_7339 EFP_7348

After our first evening of wine by the fire, we got an early start in the morning on the trails in a group snowmobile tour that took us through 1500 acres of land. Glendorn Lodge offers many activities, some of which we were fortunate enough to experience. The lodge has cross-country skiing for those who rather a low-key afternoon in the sun and for those who wish to live on the edge, they have Skeet Shooting!




After spending 3 wonderful days on the grounds and experiencing more than I could imagine I am already itching to go back. From their amazing brunch menu to their wonderful six-course meals, I promise you Chef Joe Schafer will not leave your taste buds unsatisfied. Everyone recognized his skills in the kitchen! I even had the opportunity to take a cooking class on my second day and learned a few tricks on creating the perfect Pesto sauce (Not to mention he will be on Canada AM live this Wednesday morning) and the pesto sauce… delish!

Glendorn_EFP_7388 Glendorn_EFP_7545

For those who would prefer spending the weekend by the fire, The Big House will keep you entertained with a billiard table and a bar that has more whiskey and scotch options then you will ever need… or head back to your cabin and lounge by one of their many fireplaces.

If you’re looking for a winter getaway that isn’t too far away yet in a spot where you feel like you’re in a whole new, secluded and relaxing world, Glendorn is the spot for you.

Check out their website for more info and start packing!


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