NIKEiD Best Of Signature Collection, All Star Toronto


Last night I got a sneak peek at the Best Of Signature Collection from Nike at The Loft.  Based around 3 shoes that top NBA players, LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant, wore at All Star games of the past, these updated versions are equipped with the latest technology and a nod to the host Country with a reflective ‘color shift’ piece that is said to pay homage to the Northern Lights.

In honor of All Star in Toronto, NIKEiD, has made it possible to fully customize the LeBron XIII, The Kobe XI Elite, the KD 8 and the classic Air Force and it’s all going down in person in The Loft.

EFP_0340 EFP_0362 EFP_0367

To make it even more special, Jason Markk flew in his best shoe polishers from LA and Nike created the most beautiful thrones for guests to get their shoes back to perfect condition.

EFP_0387 EFP_0391


If you’re a Nike+ member and want to pop by to get your shoes cleaned, create a cool pair of custom shoes or just want to chat about kicks and colorways, sign up at Nike.com




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