Daybreaking With Clinique and Pep Start in NYC

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It’s 5:55 in the morning in New York City and though my body should be used to getting up at this time (I’ve been at it since H was born) there’s something about the comfort of a lone hotel bed -sans stuffed toys, hardcover children’s books and sweaty baby feet that always inevitably end up in my face- that’s priceless.  Regardless, I have an event to cover and it’s time to go.

It’s 6:55 in the morning and our car service is pulling up to club Ibiza.  There’s a line up outside, 10 thick and around 100 deep; something about this feels oddly familiar, yet I’m decidedly sober and just heading in rather than stumbling out.


Clinique has invited me to New York for less than 24hrs to check out their new product Pep Start eye cream and in a super smart and creative way; at a morning rave.  A morning rave?  Well, kind of.  Clinique has teamed up with Daybreaker, basically a clean, drink and drug free dance party that gets people out and dancing before their 9am call to work.

7:00am we’re ushered inside and greeted with a big hug from the um, well, the Daybreaker appointed official hugger?   Something about this whole thing feels slightly odd, yes, but also incredibly, for lack of a better word, nice.

We are stationed in the Clinique VIP section overlooking an average nightclub setting, bar, dance floor, DJ booth.  Little women dressed as unicorns shake up their complimentary glow sticks, an oversized man donning nothing but blue underpants and matching wig whirls past screaming “Wooooo,” high five-ing anyone within a 3 foot radius, grabbing a green juice from the free samples on offer. Hannah Bronfman slides past getting directives from a publicist.  The place is already packed and without much hesitation, people head directly from door to dance floor to get grooving.

8:30am Almost as soon as the party gets to its peak – confetti explosions, marching band performance, New York Knick dancers, it begins to wind down.  Girls start clamoring to the washroom to get changed (it’s almost time for work!), dabbing on Pep Start under their eyes for that extra fresh glow; the founders get on stage and start sharing their prophecies on happiness and spreading the word of love.


It’s clear now why Clinique would want to hook up with a morning rave for the launch of their newest innovation.  Pep Start is a rush for the eyes, it gets you looking wide awake by de-puffing and smoothing everything out; essentially prepping the area for your makeup application.

9:00am As I left the rave, headed back to the hotel to pack up for my flight, I was in awe of the people who got up to dance away their worries before work and pretty giddy off of their infectious joie de vivre.  Maybe morning raves aren’t that strange of an idea after all.  Who doesn’t want a pep start to their day?





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