Mr. Cowe: 5 Essentials Every Guy Needs For 2016


Out with the old and in with the new! With the start of a new year, it’s always a fun project to seek out new menswear trends for the year ahead; I love to see what works for me and how I can incorporate them into my wardrobe, without the luxury designer price tag. Trends come and go so quickly, which is sometimes not easiest when most guys are already confused as it is- you have to look at your wardrobe and how you style yourself to identify key pieces that are signature to your look and adapt new trends into your existing wardrobe.

Always remember, you don’t want to over do it either- keep it simple. If something is really not for you, don’t rock it just because it’s cool and in a magazine or on a street style photo you saw on Instagram.

I’ve made the work easy for you- Here are 5 essential pieces every guy needs to take their style to a new level in 2016.

Brimz Fedora

1. The Fedora

It has been a long-standing key piece in men’s fashion for quite some time. Over the years the look, feel, and styling has gone through many changes. The fedora can sometimes be one of the more difficult men’s pieces to style as the look isn’t for everyone. For those that can rock it, own it! One of my favorites I’ve seen is from a store called Brimz Official whose fedoras are made right here in Canada in genuine fur felt. I needed this piece and knew that it offered a versatile design and look that could be dressed up or down and would work with almost any outfit I put together. Brimz Official has an amazing selection – Check them out here – Brimz Official 

Jcrew Mens Peacoat

2. The Peacoat

The peacoat is always a classic look and one that never goes out of style. But it’s time you clean up your look a bit a go for more of a slim cut and clean design to really make an impact. My pick definitely has to be this simple yet stylish peacoat from JCrew.


3. The Bag.

Guys… it’s not a man-purse or man-bag, it’s just your bag and you don’t have to be ashamed to have one. The truth is you probably already use one for work and it needs an upgrade. Whether on the go, travelling, or heading to work, your bag likely holds many important things to you: your laptop, notebook, important doc’s, etc. Why not show it off in style! Mackage has an awesome selection of men’s messenger and satchels that are perfect for fitting in your laptop, while being super durable and made of extremely stylish and beautiful leather.


4. The Watch.

Let’s be honest guys, we all love to accessorize whether we choose to admit it or not. With so many different ways to accessorize your look, the watch has always been key. This Classic Sheffield watch from Daniel Wellington is the perfect accompaniment to your wrist game! This watch is clean and classic in design yet it always stands out in the crowd as a favorite.

Lacoste Shoe

5. The Shoe.

Your shoe is probably your most important essential. Not only should it be stylish but also it needs to be comfortable since you will be wearing them for most of your day. You also want a shoe that can adapt to what you’re doing or where you’re going. The brand new Lacoste L.12.12 offers both comfort and style with its pique lined and cushioned interior that is color-matched to Lacoste’s polo shirts. What I love about Lacoste is that their footwear is very versatile you can rock them dressed up or dressed down.


There are tons of great ways to step up your style while being on trend and staying true to yourself. Once you find what your personal style is, find pieces that work for you that will add a little extra-  people will take notice, trust me!

For the single guys out there, upgrading your style is a great tip for impressing that special someone you’ve had your eye on, or for your next Instagram outfit post to show off -which you’ll likely then make your main photo on your tinder profile… #NoJudgement


// Rob


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