Motherhood Monday: Bedtime Woes

Mother and son lying down on bed

Help! My son will be three at the end of April and still takes a bedtime bottle… maybe a few too many! I write this as a 3 in the morning desperate plea for help, often when my son wakes up crying for a second bottle. I’ve tried a few tricks in the book 1) cry it out 2) weaning with water, but this cookie just won’t budge.

Guilty- I also co-sleep with my son, which I believe isn’t helping his sleeping woes. But I’ll admit as a single parent this seemed to be the most comforting option between the split from mommy to daddy’s house, although he primarily spends his nights with me. But as much as this is true, I need help undressing this really messy sleep situation I’ve gotten myself into as this little man is almost three and extremely dependant on his bottle. I don’t want to think that I’m living in a bubble and the only mommy experiencing this issue so hopefully all of the mommy and daddy readers can work through this with me.

Method 1: Cry It Out
Referring back to the methods I’ve tried, the cry it out method simply does not work for us. The crying will not let up for hours upon hours! I tried when he was a baby, and his strong character would result in hours of crying non-stop! Maybe I am not strong enough and give in too easily? I’ve tried this a few times consistently and “bachita” aka “bottle” will be mixed in with his cries simultaneously for hours, almost like a broken record that just won’t stop!

Method 2: Weaning With Water
This absolutely does not work for us either. He breaks out in tantrums as soon as he takes one sip of water. “This is water!” “I don’t want water!” and chucks the bottle across the room. Situations like this one happen mid way through the night! So I try to be smart about it and start him off with milk in the hopes of thinking when he wakes up he’ll be out of it and accept the water, but nope! Jokes on me. It’s almost as if he is wide awake and knows exactly what he wants and won’t stop until he gets it!

Should I cut him off cold turkey? Possibly throw out all of his bottles that way there is no excuse to give in? What would all of you Coco & Cowe parent readers do, or what have you done to get your child or children away from the night time bottle?




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