Motivation Monday: Refuelling With Belmonte Raw


Being an extremely active person, I always thought that water was sufficient; I was ignorant to the importance of refuelling my body with nutrients after any work out I did. I signed up to Goodlife for a year (I wanted to try something different) and not being a gym aficionado, (I am not a gym person) I did what I knew and that meant the basics -running, lunges, and step ups three days a week. But, I wasn’t seeing results and I didn’t understand why- I was so frustrated!!!  It wasn’t until I talked to someone about it that I learned that I had been missing something. He said, “are you having protein after your workouts?” and my response was, “ummmm… no?” I was missing nutrients, very important nutrients!!!

Since then, I’ve made it a point to read, read and read some more about fuelling, and I have learned quite a bit. After an intense workout with Forme Fitness (see here) we visited our friend Carol, the owner and founder of Belmonte Raw who taught us how to refuel with juices (this is especially good for those on the run).

We sat down with Carol and were treated to many delicious juices that gave us all the protein and energy we needed after our workout.

Here are the top 5 juices Carol recommends you should have after a workout and why!


1. Strength: Grapefruit and spirulina blend that is full of protein from the spirulina. It’s like having a protein shake without all the calories. Great to help restore muscles after a workout.

2. Drive: Kale, spinach, romaine, celery, cucumber, parsley, lemon. A no-fruit drink that will drench your body in nutrients withough the natural sugars from apple. It’s an extreme detoxifier, lowers blood pressure and speeds up digestion.


3. Hydrate: Activated charcoal lemonade: Not only helps with a hangover but the lemon will increase the ph of the body, keeping you in an alkaline state – staving off illness

4. Comfort Smoothie: Almond milk, garam masala, banana, vegan protein powder and mesquite. Our only smoothie with added protein powder, it tastes like chai and feels like you are being hugged! The sweetness comes from the banana and it fills you right up.

5. Not a Juice but is INCREDIBLE: Our overnight oats. A new product we just launched in Blueberry coconut or Peanut butter banana. You get the protein and essential fatty acids from the nuts to keep your joints lubricated and the potassium from the bananas to help take away cramping

Everything that we do is very low in natural sugars (we use dates, agave, coconut sugar and maple syrup) which is great for balancing out the rest of life that can sometimes get too sweet!! 🙂


The benefits of eating and refuelling properly are life changing – Thank you to Carol!

Visit Belmonte Raw to learn more and visit one of their locations for some delicious and nutritious drinks and healthy foods.


-Karen Michelle//.



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