Saks Opens at CF Sherway Gardens, Bringing The Luxury A-Game To Canada


I told you at the beginning of last week that I was going with Amex to the Cardmember preview event for the debut of Saks Fifth Avenue at CF Sherway Gardens in Canada. If you couldn’t tell (from the post, my tweets and snaps) already, to say I was excited is an understatement. When I got there all I could say was “Wow, wow, WOW!”


Why wow? Let me break it down for you by the numbers, sports fanatic style:


650 – Number of shoe styles in the shoe salon

36 – Number of fitting rooms

10 – Food stations crafted by Pusatieri’s + the delish Beaumont Kitchen created by renowned food purveyors O&B

10 – Saks Fifth Avenue Club suites

6 – In-store boutiques with the most incredible selections (Including Chloé and Dolce Gabbana)

1 – Champagne bar

1 – Killer beauty department that includes only the best brands


Saks Fifth Avenue CF Sherway Gardens is now a solid reason to travel out of the core of the city to get your shopping on. The experience that Amex unlocked for me and my fellow Cardmembers was unreal. And now that Saks is one of its partners, Cardmembers can access unique retail experiences like this too – on top of unparalleled access to entertainment, music and dining! Amex Cardmembers were treated to this preview event where we were the first ones in the store shopping before opening day! We sipped bubbly while checking out how Saks has finally come to elevate the retail shopping experience in Canada.


The Coveteur, one of my fave websites, was also in attendance and curated the coolest closets based on celebs we love which inspired me to head back over to the shoe salon. Oh the shoes… Like I mentioned, there are over 650 individual styles (SIX HUNDRED AND FIFTY) to pick from and my word was it hard to choose. From Manolo to Guiseppe to Dior, their selection is otherworldly and finally up to the snuff of our friends down south.



You see, Saks is privy to the fact that Canadians aren’t shy when it comes to travelling to get the goods. Now with Saks Fifth Avenue Sherway Gardens, we don’t have to go far to find our fave brands and products. Like these Aquazzura lace ups that made me thankful to my Amex Card for not only my available balance, but also for putting together this amazing early access event – these shoes are so hard to find!




My sneak peek provided by Amex was only available to premium Cardmembers, but there’s always something for everyone. Want to unlock some of these incredible experiences like concerts, travel, dining and more for yourself? Be sure to check out Amex Invites for more.






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