Travel Tuesday: Top 4 Themed Bars in Toronto


The other day my best friend tagged me in a post on facebook announcing the opening of a new Harry Potter themed bar in Toronto. I was ecstatic. I am a huge Harry Potter nerd, having read all of the books a few times over, and could recite the movies in my sleep, I personally cannot wait to check out  “The Lockhart” and it may just become one of my new favourite spots (I’m in love with the idea already).  It did get me thinking about other theme bars that the city has to offer, so if Harry Potter’s not your thing or you want to find something new to try check out one of these bars for a fun and unique night out.

SPIN Toronto

Spin: Spin is a large nightclub located in the King West area, fully equipped with ping-pong tables. When visiting Spin you get the music and atmosphere of a nightclub while being able to have your drinks and play pinball with a good group of friends. They host weekly events like tournaments, music guests, and lots of fun things for you and your group of friends to enjoy.
Snakes and Lagers

Snakes and Lagers: The first time I went to Snakes and Lagers I had a blast. The atmosphere was great and they had so many drinks and board games to choose from. We ordered a pitcher and spent the night playing cards against humanity, laughing and catching up. I also noticed a lot of couples there for date night; it’s a really cute place to do something different over drinks and appetizers!
Tiki Bar

The Shameful Tiki Room: This spot is a great place to change up your environment; the restaurant/bar has no windows, tiki decor, heat and truly makes you feel like you’re away on an island somewhere. The drink and food menu is filled with island inspired options including a “volcano” drink bowl and Hawaiian pizza rolls. The food and drinks are delicious and given the cold weather The Shameful Tiki Room provides a welcome escape from the winter, even if it’s just for a few hours!

The Lockhart: Of course I had to include this, as mentioned earlier The Lockhart is a Harry Potter themed bar, it has movie references throughout the bar with fun drinks named after characters (The bar itself is named after one of Hogwarts most famous professors), Harry Potter merchandise and a place to order your “potions and elixirs”. So if you’re like me and want to geek out with some fun drinks, check out The Lockhart.

Have a favourite spot with a unique edge? Let us know and share below!



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