Thursday Thought: All Work & No Play…

we can do it

All work and no play makes Karen Michelle a dull girl…or does it?

I used to play the piano and remember reading this sentence over and over on my music sheets; I am now convinced that this was done on purpose because my mind is programmed to ‘work, then play’- thanks mom!

Having now worked in many different environments, with different personalities, I have quickly learned that when it comes to work… I am definitely all work first-  does this make me a dull girl?

Sometimes I think yes, but most times I think, no. I remember months ago, prior to our soft opening of The White House Salon, I was cleaning the space with Catriona and said to her, “Sometimes I feel like there’s something wrong with me, because I would rather work than go out and party…” and she said, “that’s what it takes to be successful and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

I had my fun when I was younger. I traveled a lot, partied, and stayed out late- all while in school. But, in my second year of University (after having completed college) I decided that I knew what I wanted and I haven’t stopped since. Like Catriona said, “putting in work and being committed is what it takes to be successful” and I couldn’t agree more. I am well aware that there has to be a balance in life because too much of anything is a bad thing but, when it comes to work, I am in 150% and then, if and when I decide to play, I go just as hard  😀

Do you share my work sentiment?

Would love to hear your opinion!


-karen michelle//.






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