Motivation Monday: Studio Lagree And HYBA


Never mind the “But first, coffee” I mean, coffee is great. I love coffee! The “But first…” will be “But first, let’s get it” and that’s exactly what we did a few weeks ago when we partnered up with Studio Lagree located at 788 King Street West with the Coco and Cowe team. We partnered up with Hyba activewear who provided us all with full TEC suits that were extremely breathable, comfortable and of course, stylish.




Using resistance and counter resistance on these machines called Megaformers, you use your entire body and every muscle (including the ones you didn’t know existed). We all left our workout, weak in the knees because¬†Allison guided us through what she said would be an easy workout (it was not easy but it was worth it).




The flexibility we were afforded in these Hyba pieces made the workout possible. It was almost impossible but the amount of stretch in the fabric, the cool mesh on the back of the pants and the absorbency and lightweight feeling of the t’s was everything. And lucky for you (and us),¬†Hyba also has a stand alone store in The Eaton Centre where they have all you can want and more.




And thanks to our peeps over at Smartwater, we were adequately hydrated throughout our workout.

This has to be by far one of my favourite work outs ever. If you’re looking for a great workout, Lagree has three locations; one downtown, one uptown and one in Vaughan Mills.


Happy Monday!!!


Karen Michelle//.



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