Thursday Thought: It’s Not That Serious…Put Your Phone Away

In today’s day and age we are always plugged into technology. The constant scrolling and clicking while on our phones has become so mundane, it is literally ingrained into our day to day practices. Whether it be for work on social media, catching the news on my twitter feed, listening to music on iTunes, watching Netflix before bed via my phone, snapping my bestie, or checking my fave bloggers whereabouts on Instagram, I am always plugged in. ALWAYS! I hadn’t really taken in the addictive nature I was becoming so accustomed to -addicted to being on my phone. It was only until I left my charger at work one evening with my battery life at 10 percent by 7p.m, that I was left with no choice but to unplug. I was so furious, as if it were the end of the world! I couldn’t stop thinking- what the heck am I going to do without my phone? People are going to think I fell off the face of the earth. What if someone really needs me? What gossip and news am I missing out on? What if my crush decides to hit me up at wee hours of the morning and I don’t respond (LOL). WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?  But once I caught my cool, I soon realized it’s not that serious, get a hold of yourself girlfriend!

With that being said I have summed up five simple steps/benefits to follow that you will receive from unplugging, even if just for an evening.

1. Let go of the FOMO

Reality is you are NOT missing out. Whatever is happening on social media, whoever is texting you, sending you snaps, or commenting on your Instagram can wait. You are definitely not missing out!

2. Relax

Take a breather. It is not the end of the world! You can actually lay down, relax and have an undistracted evening of calm relaxation that is often much needed. 

3. Do something out of the usual 

Do something you usually feel you don’t have the time to do! Sit on your porch and get lost in your thoughts, go for a brisk walk and catch some fresh air, read a book; do something you often don’t do because your face is glued to your phone screen!

4. Life is happening right before your eyes so embrace it

Appreciate the little things around you- listen to the noise. If you live alone, appreciate your surroundings and leave the technology in a different room. If you live with family, spend some actual face to face time with them; have a real conversation and ask them questions about their day and if you have dinner together, make it a point to leave your phone off the table. Manners still matter. 

5. Get some shut eye

Fewf! Instead of staying up all night plugged into your phone, put your phone away and get some shut eye. A good night’s rest does the body good (remember, this is when you recharge) so, one night away from your phone is not the end of the world! Catch up on that beauty sleep. 

Overall, what I realized is, it’s not that serious! Not being up to date on social media happenings, not being in the know with every new post instantaneously, not being able to catch your favorite flick on Netflix etc- It’s really not that serious! Unplugging by choice, or not, does the body good. You should try it sometime!