Wedding Wednesday: Ashley and Fil’s Engagement Story

This love story is one that is near and dear to my heart – Ashley happens to be one of my closest and best friends. I remember when she first met her fiancé Filipe (who goes by Fil) and was so excited about this guy she was in dental school with. Years later and still in love, they are engaged and I am soooooo excited for her wedding that is happening in just a little over a month.

Todays Wedding Wednesday is dedicated to Ashley and Fil.

1. How did you and your partner meet?

We noticed each other on the first day of college. He drew my attention right away, not only because I found him super attractive, but also because he was one of the only guys in a classroom of 90 students! We just hit of off after a few days of making eye contact with each other and smiling. He was definitely a flirt, and I was trying to play hard to get. He asked if I wanted a drive home a few times after school, and I always came up with some lame excuse. Finally I took the ride home from him, and it was the first time we were alone. I felt comfortable with him, he was easy to talk to, super funny, and we had so much in common! From that day forward we were inseparable.

 2. How long have you been together?

It’s been 7.5 years! We don’t have a real dating anniversary, we just decided to mark it on the first day we hung out together, which was on Halloween. We are pretty excited to have a new anniversary.

 3. When did you know your partner was “the one” ?

When he made me laugh so uncontrollably that I almost peed my pants. Oh and when I met his family; they’re pretty awesome.

 4. How did the proposal happen?

I was coming home from work on a Saturday and he met me outside the front door. I found it a little strange, but didn’t overthink it. He was being really cute and affectionate and kept giving me hugs and kisses, and all the while I was thinking “this is sweet, but I’m tired from work and just want to go inside”. He opened the door for me, and before I stepped in the house he was down on one knee. My first reaction was “oh my god did he fall?”, and then I looked behind him and noticed the house was lit with candles, and the dinner table was set up.

When I looked down at him he was blushing, and holding the ring, and popped the question. For a second I thought he was pulling my leg because he’s such a prankster, but when I looked at the dining table and saw his cute totally Pinterest-inspired set up, I knew he was serious.

I think I hopped over him and sat on the couch and took a deep breath before I said yes! We later went to dinner at Luckee (because he didn’t actually cook dinner -there was a bottle of Dom Perignon and a cake that said “I knew you would say yes!” With a brand new pair of Nikes!)

At Luckee I was so happy, so relaxed, and on top of the world! He still looked anxious. He kept rushing me to leave, and I couldn’t understand why!  So we did. On the way out he asked if I wanted to go to Lisa Marie’s (hidden gem on Queen West)  and I was trying to pass on the idea because my feet hurt from my heels! He convinced me to go.

When we were walking toward to the bar, he was walking fast ahead of me, and I had my head to the ground. As we walked into the bar and I put my head up, all of my best friends were there to scream “surprise!” It was the best feeling in the world!!! We partied it up that night, had one of the best nights ever and called it the engagement party…why not.

5. How did you tell your friends and family that you were engaged?

The first person I told was my mom. She wasn’t home when it happened, so I called her to ask when she would be home. I blurted it out on the phone because I was too excited to keep it a secret, and didn’t want to wait for her to get home. She was home within minutes! She was as surprised as I was! My fiancé didn’t tell her he was proposing that night, he said he wanted her to be as surprised as I was! But we really know it’s because he thought she would somehow innocently ruin the surprise lol.

My father knew because my fiancé asked him for his “permission” the night before. As their only daughter, they were delighted.

And as for my friends, they all knew a few days before it happened! They kept it a secret.

Having known it was going to happen a few days before, all of us were SOOOOO excited and on the night it happened – we were to anxious to see her! Fil wanted to surprise her and that’s exactly what we did. We literally had one of the best nights ever!


Thanks Ash for sharing your story with us!


Are you recently engaged? We would love to hear your love story!



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