On The Possibility of Trust

I’ve been learning a lot about myself lately, one thing being that I have a hard time trusting in relationships.  Regardless of whether someone has done something to create a feeling of distrust, I’ve also come to learn that it is my decision what I do with my own feelings, because, well, they’re mine.  And I don’t want to feel jealous, especially towards someone I could potentially love.

In this new world of single-town that I now reside, I’ve been very scared of even thinking about the idea of dating, being in a relationship and ultimately opening myself up to the possibility of another broken heart.  But after a few months of serious soul searching, a couple courses (thank you Landmark) and loads of unloading on my family and friends I’ve decided to look at things a little differently.

Yes, I’ve decided to not think about opening myself up to the possibility of heart break, but rather just open myself up to the possibility of a possibility.  Some may be good, some may be bad, but what will be most important is that I’ve tried.  I figure I do it daily in my business life, maybe it’s time to try it on myself.

This quote spoke to me on so many levels.  We all have a past, but what we can create by not only learning from our mistakes but also from really and truly letting things go, holds an unfathomable power.

I can’t judge you for your past mistakes, just like you can’t judge me for mine, they’ve already happened.  The possibility of someone allowing you to share in the privilege that is their future is a pretty special thing.

Because I believe (and I hope you do too) that the best is yet to come.