Travel Tuesday: But first… Coffee


I remember when I went to Italy (many years ago) and experiencing the culture around coffee; it was fascinating to see how integral an espresso was to everyone’s morning and mid-day. The hustle and bustle, the custom bars people stood at to have their espresso’s at, and the way in which having coffee was a form of therapy- a time where everyone got to slow down and enjoy what they were having for a few minutes before having to kick it into high gear for work.

Today, there are so many amazing coffee shops in Toronto that it too has become an integral part of our routines- so much so that we have the familiar memes that say, “but first…coffee.” I’m always on the hunt for an amazing almond latte (this is our drink of choice at the office and my go-to) so when we find another coffee shop we love, we want to make sure you know too!

We did a post a while back (see here) about our fave coffee shops in the hood but with so many great coffee shops always popping up, we’ve decided to do another post to show you where to grab the very best Java.



1. Boxcar Social 

I was first introduced to this place by an old co-worker of mine whose husband owns a very successful coffee shop. She KNOWS coffee and insisted that I didn’t know good coffee until I had tried Boxcar Social. After my first sip, I was In. Love! She was definitely right. My Sunday ritual now (thanks to her) involves me going to Boxcar Social (summer hill location) first thing in the morning for coffee and sometimes, the a hazelnut croissant. They have killer croissants and pop tarts provided by Bake Shoppe that are Oh. SOOOOOO. Good!




2. Sorry Coffee

This coffee shop first caught my attention after I had seen their coffee cups (see image above). Located in the heart of Yorkville, this coffee shop is the perfect stop for a mid-day pick me up! They take their coffee, cups and coffee art seriously and you can’t help but wonder what coffee design they’ll have next. Also, their almond lattes are unreal!




3. Quantum 

We (especially Catriona) are suckers for great packaging and beautifully designed anything. After seeing (thanks to Instagram) and hearing about this place so much, we finally headed there one day after a workout at Fit Factory for some much needed coffee. The space is large and divided in half; in the back is an open workspace (which I am always looking for). Asides from coffee, they also have a variety of baked goods that are so hard to resist!




4. R2

After driving past R2 100 times, I finally decided to stop in and opted for something different than my usual. I had my first ever pink latte there and it was soo good! After that, I knew I would be back for more. Maybe it’s because I’m tiny and love heights but the high top tables, the window that let’s in the most amazing sunlight and their delicious coffee keeps me going back. That plus, its a 5 minute walk from the office- so, winning!




5. Constantinople Bakery And Coffee 

Also another 5 minute walk from the office, Constantinople offers Turkish coffee from one of the top brewers in the city. They also loveeee coffee art and of course, so do we! On top of what is very delicious coffee, the art is the cherry on top. They also have a variety of daily baked croissants that melt in your mouth!


We love our java and if you have a favourite place you think we should try, leave us a comment below and let us know.

If you’re looking for some yummy coffee and great spaces, check the places above and tell them Coco and Cowe sent you.


Happy Tuesday!


Karen Michelle//.






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