Travel Tuesday: Family and Sunsets in Aruba

It had been a whopping five years since me and my family have been able to take a family vacation together, let alone get thirteen of us together under one roof easily! Circumstances have changed now; some of us are parents, some married, and everyone but the children are situated in life with parenthood, careers and busy schedules etc. To break this funk, my parents thought it would be nice to get us all on a plane together and set off to experience some sun, relaxation and fun in Aruba. It was an extremely generous Christmas present, but something much appreciated and much needed for each one of us, so we all patiently waited for April to roll around!

The reality of the hustle and bustle of life, is that quality time spent together is so hard to achieve these days. Everyone in my family is so caught up with their busy schedules between work, raising children and simply living our own lives. It was so refreshing to be able to come together and be present in one another’s presence for seven straight days; something we all hadn’t allowed ourselves to do in a very long and over due time!

There were two babies under the age of one, my niece Olivia and nephew Jackson, and my son Michael who just turned three. The great thing about travelling in large numbers with children is that there was enough help around to give the mommies and daddies of the trip the chance to catch a little break! I remember travelling to Florida with Michael when he was ten months old with just my sister and her husband who didn’t have their daughter at the time. I remember that phase being difficult to travel because he was so curious about everything and so badly wanted to walk, but just couldn’t quite do it yet. He loved playing in the sand, babbling words I could barely understand and making a mess out of everything. It wasn’t easy, but it was still fun! This time around he was so easy going, loved being in the pool and on the beach playing in the sand. He really had enough people around to keep him entertained and happy!


My parents and their generosity did not go unnoticed, because I can whole heartedly say that each one of us enjoyed every last minute of this trip to Aruba, to the point where I can now say I have caught a “family travel bug!”



Have you been on a family vacay recently?

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