Giving Back: Coco and Cowe x Sistering

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It’s so easy to get lost in the routine of our lives, but it is very important for us to take time and give back. We were first introduced to Sistering last year when we volunteered to help prepare a thanksgiving meal. We got our hair nets on, washed our hands to our elbows and got to working in the sistering kitchen preparing dinner for 400 women- see here (Thanksgiving at Sistering)

During the Christmas season, it was super important for us to give back to the women at Sistering. We went through our drawers, our closets, filled tons of bags with clothing and toiletries and headed back to drop it all off.

It felt so good to know that our once loved pieces would be loved again and there is no better feeling than giving back.

Check out the video above to see our afternoon at Sistering and how you too can give back.

Have you volunteered recently, or wanted to? Sistering is always looking for volunteers and would love your support. A little goes a long way.


Karen Michelle//.



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