Thursday Thought: Anxiety In The Life Of A Workaholic


Ive spent the last few years living with a lot of anxiety. Sometimes I thought it was because I was taking on too many responsibilities at once, but then realized that couldn’t be a reason because people dealing with anxiety tend to always keep themselves going because if they stop, they break.

I’d love to meditate, but I unfortunately have ADD and even Ritalin can’t help me OM in. Then I figured, let’s just book a few relaxation massages every month… Well the minute my head hits the donut pillow facing the floor, my brain starts to think about what i need to finish once this is over, ha ! Then I tried sports, hit the treadmill again, ran a bit but even then, if I’m listening to music, I’m over analyzing the lyrics, and if I’m lifting weights I’m checking out everyone else in the mirror more than myself. So literally when it comes down to it – anxiety is no joke.

At night you lay there counting sheep, then your mind drifts off thinking what would these sheep actually look like, and where do they land once they hop from left brain to right…

I’ve recently tried finding one hour a day for myself. Whether it be in the morning or at night after a long day of work. Trying to wind down is very challenging and I’m still struggling to find the perfect medium but I’m hoping down the road things will settle and I will find peace.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to cope?  I know I’m not alone and would love to hear some of your tricks and tips.




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