Thursday Thought: The Kardashians And Family Values

Keeping Up

My guilty pleasure and I’m sure, many of yours’ too, is watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I was watching this show with my mom and we were commenting on each personality, as we always do, because every sister is SO different. The two things her and I always agree on is that Kim, although completely self absorbed, is a really caring person and extremely diplomatic when expressing herself. The second thing we agree on is that Khloe, who is the complete opposite – the firecracker of the group, who doesn’t believe in filtering her thoughts or speech seems to be extremely caring and protective as well.

This sparked something…

While we all have our opinions on what they are, or are not, and how much of it is crafted, there is something to be said about the lessons I take when I watch this show. I am not bombarded with sisters spewing hatred at each other, or the most unfathomable drama that is created and unbearable to watch. We expect this family to be perfect and they’re not and what I love most is that they are a united front and regardless what happens, they stick together. Yes, the show is crafted- that is a given but, the commitment this family has to one another, and their efforts to being together is palpable and worth mentioning.

We can all point out the most obvious surface things, like their bodies and their money, but once you put that aside, I see something really cool, and that is a family that makes it work, no. matter. what.


What are your thoughts on this?

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