Keeping It Healthy and Simple with Eat. Train. Live.


We all live crazy lives.  Between keeping with our kids, work, workouts, family (and the Kardashians) who has the time for, like, anything to also meal plan healthy, balanced (organic, local, non-GMO) food?  Over the winter I had been finding that I was having a really hard time fitting everything in and was getting back into the horrible habit of eating all of the food that Harlowe refuses – hello Annie’s.

Starting to see the results of my unorganized eating schedule (read – pants don’t fit) I remembered my old friend Lonie and her company Eat. Train. Live. This meal plan helped me lose the weight I gained over pregnancy and I decided it was time to try it again.

The reason why I love this particular meal plan is that it’s packed with variety and FLAVOUR.   From Chicken ‘Sausage’ and Sweet Potato Waffles and Taquitos for breakfast to Thai Style Grilled Steak with Coconut-Chili Sweet Potato Mash and Sweet and Sour Purple Cabbage for dinner, I’m excited for my food delivery to not only see what Lonie’s come up with for the new meals but also because it works!

Since starting ETL’s meal plan three weeks ago I’ve lost around 6 pounds.  I’ve also implemented their workout prescription of doing fasted cardio in the morning which has been a great addition to kick start my day and weight loss.






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If you’re looking to get back into a healthy, scheduled eating plan, check out Eat. Train. Live.  They will help you not only eat all of your nutrients but also provide the support you need to help you pick the right exercises to achieve your goals. Plus, if you’re interested in trying it out, all Coco and Cowe readers get 10% off when you enter coco10 at checkout on Eat Train Live.

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