Motivation Monday: Coco And Cowe x Fit Factory




Having been introduced to Fit Factory months ago by Catriona (who is constantly challenging herself, trying new workouts and in turn, motivating us to do the same) we knew we wanted to join when she told us that this place was one we HAD to try. After a few minutes in our first class we knew exactly what she was talking about; this facility was created around the same training that the US Marine Core go through- it is INTENSE!

Sgt. Tony Austin, a former US Marine Core and Special Forces drill instructor started this company 6 years ago in East York at a gymnastics facility; he and his partner offered moms, who were watching their children, free classes to pass the time while their children took gymnastics.




Since then, they have expanded and are now housed at 373 King Street West in the sickest space! Fit Factory is not like any place you’ve been and while you may curse (under your breath like I did) you’ll want to go back.




For this weeks Motivation Monday, we came to Fit Factory wearing Adidas from head-to-toe, in breathable climalite bottoms and climachill tops. The sweat was kept away from our skin and we were able to work out comfortably and stylishly. The Adidas ultra boost shoes were and are the most comfortable shoes I own and to work out in them felt incredible.




We were ready for our beat down bootcamp lead by Tony, who was not only extremely focused, but also equally animated. While our workout was not easy, he made it feel a little easier with his humour, saying things like, “you can’t buy abs at Loblaws, there ain’t no special on them at Shoppers” (ahahahaha). We got double the workout; laughter that killed our abs, and everything in between.




He never let us give up and when we made excuses, his response was always “yeah, yeah, I’m sure”, or “good story, I’ve heard that one before”. I had one of the best workouts at Fit Factory and cannot wait to go back!

If you’re looking for a challenge, this is one place you should definitely check out – with classes running from 6am-6pm, there is always a class you can sign up to.

Want to know more? Check them out here 

Now, get moving 😀


Happy Monday!!!


Karen Michelle//.