Tech Tuesday: Google Pictures

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

I recently went to Google headquarters in Toronto to celebrate a little birthday.  Yep, Google Pictures turned 1 and to be completely transparent, I’m one of the few people who’s never heard and/or used it before walking into the Google offices.  Yes, 200 million people use Google Photos and after finally downloading it and trying it out, I know why!

Firstly, Google Pictures is an App.  Not only is it an App, it’s a really, really smart one.  I fell in love with it very quickly and the more I use it, the harder I fall, here’s why:

  1. It’s intuitive.  Google Pictures quickly recognizes your needs and helps to make things easier.  For example it notifies me when I’m almost out of storage space, backs up my photos and asks if I want to delete the photos that are already saved to my google account.
  2. Further to that, Google Pictures (GP) App allows you access to all of your saved photos without storing them on your phone.  Which means if you’re in desperate need of that perfect #ThrowBackThursday shot for 5 years ago, you can totally find it in the App!
  3. You can search your photos by city, by person or even by emoji!  That’s right, if you’re looking for that perfect picture of that burger you ate and can’t remember where you ate it or when, just put the burger emoji in the search field and bam!  All the burgers you’ve ever photographed pop up!
  4. It makes you albums & GIF’s while you’re sleeping!  Once connected to WIFI GP does all of these magical things like taking a series of photos and making them into the cutest movies/GIFs without you having to do any of the work.  I always forget to do albums of trips I’ve taken and just as I was leaving Jamaica recently, GP notified me that it had made a full album of my photos already!  I then simply pressed the ‘share’ function and it was sent to all of my friends and family that were on the trip.
  5. If you want to collaborate with those family and friends you were just on the trip with you can open up a shared album where everyone can drop in their images.  No more hounding people on long email chains,  just nudge them to drag and drop.


Google Pictures makes things easier which is key when you’re busy but still cherish your memories.  This technophobe highly recommends this app!





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