Travel Tuesday: Chicago


This is one of the first “city things” I saw when I arrived in the downtown core of Chicago, Illinois. We took the train from the airport to the city centre and as I walked up the stairs, out of the subway system, I saw bridges everywhere, and immediately, I fell in love!

Chicago is a city I have always wanted to visit and having met someone who wants to explore the world as much as I do, this was one place we agreed we had to see.

Here are my 5 favourite things about Chicago:

1. The Architecture

In 1871 there was a massive fire in Chicago that burned down more than 17,000 buildings. From the great fire, came the great rebuilding. The Chicago skyline was thoroughly thought out and carefully planned with attention and importance given to architecture. Today, the Chicago skyline is recognized as one of the most beautiful in the world. One of my favourite buildings, on Michigan Ave, is the London House, the concave, white facade is stunning!



2. Wendella Boat Tour

Like two kids, we were so giddy when we arrived there. We booked an extremely early flight and arrived at our hotel, at 8am. After dropping off our bags and checking out our hotel, The Hyatt Regency Chicago, we were off to explore the city and started with the Wendella Boat Tour. We opted for the architectural tour, a tour that takes you through two water canals where the history of every building is explained. I was in awe at the commitment to architecture and creating buildings that would enhance the skyline. This tour and the weather could not have been more perfect!




3. The Food

Chicago is known for their food and we were so excited to eat! Walking 15+ km a day, and being two foodies, we ate to our hearts content. We had the best breakfast every morning, ate their famous deep dish pizza from Giordano’s, went to RPM and of course, one of my favourites, Eataly. 



4. Millenium Park

When it came time to decide where to stay in Chicago, we made the decision to stay as close to Millennium Park. The 24.5 acre park boosts gardens, the famous stainless steel sculpture, Cloud Gate created by artist Anish Kapoor, the Crown fountain and open spaces where concerts, yoga classes and more are held. We sat at the Crown fountain and watched kids run through the water with smiles from ear to ear. While there is so much to see, it was nice to just sit back and relax.


5. Bike Tour

This way by far, one of my favourite activities we did. We grabbed two bikes, and rode alongside the beaches. This is a great way to explore the water front of Chicago. There were people juggling, playing soccer, swimming and just enjoying the weather. It was so chill and cool to explore the city on wheels.


Chicago was beautiful and I cannot wait to go back with my friends and family.


Have you been to Chicago? have any suggestions for my next visit?

Leave us a comment and let me know


Karen Michelle//.



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