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We’d been hearing about Strive Life everywhere.  So much so that the owners almost became mythical characters that we got giddy to meet – when you see them, you’ll understand why.  Two ex pro athletes, one hockey, the other beach volleyball, but both matched in their obsession with health and wellness – driven by athletics.

Ryan and Martin created Strive Life like two renegades on a mission to change the way people view and participate in exercise.  They bought a trailer, packed it with all of the alternative work out gear one would need – chains, kettle bells, and big ass bands – and hit the parks.  They built a steady following by providing an amazing workout that was built around real life.  People would show up rain or shine and devotees began touting their mantra like it was their own: We Are Life Athletes.




Fast forward a few years and a solid cult like following later, it was time for a brick and mortar space.  Strive Life found a home in the King West neighbourhood, tucked behind an Enterprise and a design agency.  It was that home where we finally found out what the Strive Life is all about.

Before you walk in, you’re already motivated.  Slogans adorn the outward facing walls and once you make it in, the infectious energy of the founders make it impossible to not feel inspired and ready to give it your all.










There are a few different classes to chose from but every class at Strive begins by waking up the body with a combination of mobility movements – the guys are big on woking hard without the risk of injury.  We also were able to walk through the movements so that when we got down to business we knew what was up.

The class was packed with movement and energy, the guys had us motivated (and sweating) through the whole thing and the music was incredible.







If you’re looking for a workout that folds so easily into your life it becomes, well, a lifestyle, check out Strive Life.  Ryan and Martin’s collective passion for fitness is beyond infectious and just enough motivation to get you through that last ghastly set of box jumps.

Sign up for a class HERE and check out their Instagram HERE

Check out their SoundCloud here – StriveLife Soundcloud 

For this workout we wore Adidas everything.  Click the links for specifics:

Coco: Stella Pants, Daybreaker Hoodie, Pure Boost X Shoes

Martina: Tank, Pants (similar), Stella Ultra Boost

Karen Michelle: Tank, Pants (similar), Stella Ultra Boost




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