Raspberry Picking At Whittamore’s Farm



It’s Raspberry season, it’s summer and berries are in abundance! Did you know that Raspberries are are loaded with more vitamin C than oranges?  Not only are they delicious, but they are so good for you!. Being a fan of anything sweet, and opting for the natural goodness and sweetness of berries, we were so excited when we found out that Whittamore’s Farm offers your very own ‘pick your own’ option.



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Just 20 mins from the core of the city, Whittamore’s farm, your farm in the city, is a family favourite and is the perfect place to take a day trip with family or friends or both to pick locally grown produce.




There were rows upon rows of berries and the sweetness of the berries pierced the air. Apart from the sweet smell, you are surrounded by the reddest and ripest berries you can dream of and we had it there, at our finger tips, so you could imagine how difficult it was to not just stand there and eat them (I may have had a few).


Loving anything sweet and wanting to make the most of this amazing fruit, we filled out baskets as quickly as possible, because did I mention that it was also really really, really hot? With full baskets, we headed to their market for more fresh produce.

Coco bought a box of strawberries along with other goodies and made the most delicious Strawberry Almond Milk plus the yummiest jam so if you are a jam lover, this is a recipe you don’t want to miss!

If you find yourself stuck on what to do this summer, this is a perfect trip for you to take with your friends or even for a first date! So, before the summer ends, make sure you make a trip to Whittamore’s Farm and let us know how it goes.


Karen Michelle//.








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