If You Love Books, You’ll Love RECO!


If you’ve been following this blog you’ll know that my love of reading is real – so real in fact that I forced you to follow along with me on my 50 Book Challenge one year where I read and reviewed a book a week…  Though I would hesitate to try that again (if only I had the time!), I do still read as often as I can and love nothing more than a good book recommendation. The only problem with recommendations is now, more than ever, you have to seek them out. Though I surround myself with people who share my love of literature, I still get stumped from time to time on what to read next.


Enter Reco, the first mobile app that gives users trusted recommendations based on friends and influencers.  Reco has the ability to seamlessly connect you with not only fellow book lovers but also your favourite authors and allows you a peek into what they’re reading, what they’ve read and what they highly recommend. Wonder what Margaret Atwood just read and loved?  Wonder no more!  Reco shows what she and a bunch of other cool authors and people like Bill Gates, Mindy Kaling, Reece Withersppon have recommended recently. There’s also a spot for all of the top ‘Best Seller Lists’ like New York Times and The Globe & Mail.


Not only can you get recommendations with Reco, but you can also keep track of the books you’ve read and ones that you want to read and if you so desire, even buy the book directly from the app.  They’ve really thought of it all!

Just when I was about to call my Mum for another book recommendation….  I’ve now added her to my Reco ‘friend’ list and have started to create my reading list in the app based on her faves and those of the other friends and celebs that I’ve started to follow.

If you’re a book lover like me, download the free Reco app and follow me under my handle @cocoandcowe so I can see all of your recommendations too!

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