Thursday Thought: Losing Someone You Love


I don’t know if it’s a curse or blessing that I have lost very few people in my life. I have never really had to deal with the loss of a close family member and lamented when people I know have lost theirs.


That all changed yesterday.


My uncle, a very happy, healthy, hard working and loving man was diagnosed with cancer a while back and like most, it wasn’t something I really wanted to believe to be true… until yesterday.

My reality sat across the table from me at dinner last night- a man who was once the epitome of strength is now a man I hardly recognize. A man who knows that what’s left of his life, is amounted to a determined amount of days. What do I even say?

How can I ask him how he’s doing when all I keep thinking about is how I wish I could make it all go away? How many of you have been in this exact position? Wishing that you could make it better ? That somehow, the doctors would figure it out and your loved ones would live to see an indeterminable amount of days?  I was at a loss.

For dessert, he ate a handful of cherries and after he was done, he got up from the table, and went for a walk and was living like he was not ill. The man I have always known, and admired, was there again. His spirit, desire, and will to live, no matter how long was stronger than all the sadness I could feel and it left me numb.


Last night my uncle taught me: while some things may be out of our control, the way we live our lives, is within it. His strength, in the hardest time of his life is my reminder to live more fully, and happily and today, I encourage you to do the same.


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  1. My godmother has been diagnosed with stage four cancer. We are heart broken. Your family is in our prayers Karen.

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