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It’s summer and seriously, who likes wearing much of anything, let alone makeup?  Unfortunately, I look like a sleepy monster if I go all bare faced so I was in the market for a little assistance – one that preferably didn’t include a scalpel or needles of any kind.  The girls at the office all swear by lash extensions and since I’ve done them before and remember liking the result, we headed over to the newly opened Nine Beauty Lounge to get a little lash pick-me-up.

We loved our lashes so much we decided to have a chat with the gorgeous and inspiring owner and operator, Shellyza Kirmani.  Check out our interview below:


1. What is Nine Beauty Lounge in a nutshell? What inspired you to call your salon Nine Beauty Lounge?

Nine Beauty Lounge to me has always been more than just trying to build another salon for clients to obtain beauty services.  Since commencing our business,  my number one objective was to create a unique, ambient environment where we could provide a positive, carefree escape from everyday life.  To ensure we create this vibe, we put an extra emphasis on creating a high standard at our lounge, ensuring clients walk out with nothing less than an unforgettable experience and unparalleled customer service.  As a result of this,  I’m so proud of the fact that Nine Beauty Lounge is consistently recognized as the premier lash extension and hair extension lounge in Toronto and the GTA!


The company name is something people are always intrigued about, as they wonder the mystery behind “nine”.  As a matter of fact, the number nine has held a special place in my life personally, as it was ’09 when I got engaged to the love of my life, and September (being the 9th month of the year) when my husband and I tied the knot!  I thought to myself, it is the same love and passion that I invested into these monumental moments in my life that I wanted to invest into the company, and in turn, wanted to have represented as part of the company name.  Alas, “Nine Beauty Lounge” was born!


2. What services do you offer?

Nine Beauty Lounge’s in-house staff has specialized in two very specific services – eyelash extensions and hair extensions.  Limiting our services is another characteristic we truly think makes Nine Beauty Lounge so unique from other salons, especially since we are firm believers that diluting a salon with a multitude of services prevents the company from being true specialists/experts on a very specific set of services.  It is also for this reason that, as part of our facial rejuvenation service offering, we have contracted (after an in-depth and thorough search process!) a specialty facial rejuvenation nurse with over a decade of experience who conducts Botox, Dermal Filler and Micro-needling services for our clients!


3. Tell us a little bit about you career path. How did you turn your passion into the career you have now?

What’s fascinating sometimes is that, the whole process was such a blur, that it’s hard to recall at times how we got to where we are today, as so much has happened since we opened our doors at both of our locations!  But if I had to describe it in a nutshell, I would definitely say that my passion translated into an indescribable drive to be the absolute best at what we do.  It wasn’t until I perfected the application process of lash and hair extensions (albeit after many sleepless nights) that I felt we were ready to bring this perfected service to the masses.

4. Did you always know you wanted to be involved in the beauty industry?

Without question!  Even at a young age, I started realizing how the way one feels on the inside has a very close and substantial correlation with how one perceives themselves on the outside.  Simply put, when you look good, you feel good!  And I knew that I wanted to find ways to bring new found confidence to people who may have been lacking it in their life.  That’s why Beauty and Fashion are my two passions in life, as I feel a combination of these transformational tools can help anybody achieve the kind of confidence they may have only dreamed of.

5. When did you open up your business?

Our doors first opened in July of 2013 at our first location in Mississauga.  Fast forward, after celebrating our company’s 3 year anniversary just this past month, I am proud to see how our positive reputation and company philosophy has enabled us to become so popular.  Now 3 years later, we have opened up a second location in Toronto, and have expanded our flagship Mississauga location and moved it to a bigger location in Streetsville!

6. What is the eyelash extension application process like?

The great news is that the eyelash extension application process is seamless, painless, and relaxing when conducted by properly trained lash technicians!  Essentially, one false lash extension is applied to each of your real lashes, which in turn allows each lash to be substantially accentuated.  As each of your natural lashes grow out, the false lash attached to it grows out along with it, at which time clients then come in for a “refill” which allows us to remove any grown out lashes to attach new false lashes to maintain your look!  To provide some perspective, our in-house technique of applying eyelash extensions is so delicate and seamless that our clients often times fall asleep during the procedure!

7. What inspires you in today’s day and age within the beauty industry?

I think it goes back to what I had mentioned earlier, which is the fact that feeling confident on the outside closely correlates with how you feel on the inside.  As I pride myself in empowering women to fulfill their fullest potential, I’ve realized what a substantial impact we’ve made in the lives of so many women as a result of increasing their confidence through our services.  And personally, there’s nothing more satisfying than watching a woman bat her new Nine Beauty Lounge lash extensions, ready to take over the world with her newfound confidence!


8. What are some challenges you face as a business in such a competitive industry?

We pride ourselves in standing out in the industry, and maintaining our universally positive reviews which set us apart from several of our competitors.  Nonetheless, in a competitive industry such as this one, you are working 24/7 as an owner to ensure you maintain such a high standard, and treat the business with the same intimacy with thousands of clients as you would with only a handful of clients.  I believe this is something that has allows us to overcome the hurdle of affecting service quality with our rapid growth as many other businesses face.

9. What are you most proud of?

I’m so proud that a concept that I dreamed of has become what it is today.  Two successful locations later, we are just beginning!


10. What advice do you have for someone opening up a small business in the beauty industry?

I would, without question, tell anyone aspiring to open up a small business in the beauty industry to be positive, and stay motivated by the fact that no dream is too big to achieve!

11. Do you find social media to be a helpful tool in promoting your business?

Social Media is an interesting tool, as it is its own living, breathing forum for new and existing clients to communicate and research our services and client feedback.  As a result, it has certainly become a live environment for our business to find greater prominence and exposure.


12. What is the overall vibe and setting of your space? Where are you located?

When designing our two locations, one of the first things we had in mind was to ensure that we could offer everyone who came in the ability to experience a sense of luxury unmatched by any other salon offering eyelash extensions, hair extensions or facial rejuvenation services. For us, this was accomplished by integrating fashion inspiration and chic flare, to create a truly unique vibe.

You can visit us at either of our two locations!  In Mississauga, we have recently moved and expanded to the beautiful, historic Streetsville region at 167 Queen Street South, Unit 2.  In Toronto, you can find us located next to the luxurious Yorkville region of Downtown Toronto at 160 Davenport Road.






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