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Bad joints and bones are seriously no fun! Last January I sprained my ankle and decided that natural healing was the way to go. I had no idea that the pain would only temporarily subside and come back to haunt me after I re-injured it a full year later. I thought to myself, how the heck am I going to heal it properly this time around? Just when I was flustered and thought there was no real hope for me to heal my ankle properly, Catriona recommended that I go to Myodetox! She insisted their practices worked miracles and I would be healed in no time because she had been treated there before! Little did I know this experience would change my life, aiding the well being of my sprained ankle through their various physiotherapy, chiropractic and massage therapy tactics. I met with Boris at Myodetox to start me off on my journey to healing my injured ankle. Here is some insight and information I gathered in regards to their background and what to expect at Myodetox that I am so excited to share with you all.

1. What is the philosophy behind Myodetox?

Myodetox has one simple philosophy – heal the world. Although this sounds like a lofty goal, we genuinely believe if we continue to impact one person at a time through our passion, culture and knowledge, our message will continue to spread until we accomplish our mission.


2. What services are offered at Myodetox?

Myodetox offers manual therapy provided by licensed physiotherapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists. Collaboratively we have designed a unique approach of treatment that addresses pain, posture and injuries from a global approach. This is accomplished through a synergy between hands-on treatment and movement education, to address the individual’s body as a whole and not individual parts.



3. I was referred to see you for an ankle injury. What is the process that you go through to treat this sort of injury? Is the process similar for all injury types?

In the first session, we perform a BodyScan (our version of a body assessment) to figure out what caused your injury to occur and what are the factors perpetuating the injured area from achieving a full recovery. In the BodyScan, we will look at your posture to determine what your starting alignment is. From there, we’ll dive further into testing specific muscles, joints, movement patterns and nerves for example, to narrow down the origin of the dysfunction. Once the BodyScan is complete, a treatment plan is devised.



A series of manual therapy techniques are used to release your body from restrictions determined by your BodyScan findings. At Myodetox, we continually test and re-test to fine-tune your treatments to achieve the desired outcome in real time. The framework for our BodyScan applies to everyone (since the body parts that make up the human is pretty much the same across the globe).

But most importantly, it’s crucial for us to educate you on what you can expect out of each session. Getting our clients to understand better what happened and potentially why it happened is an important part of the process. This approach makes for a very personalized recovery process.

4. For someone with an injury like mine, how long is treatment recommended?

In your case, you suffered a sprained ankle. It is a minor injury, so, therefore, one-three sessions will resolve your pain, and further treatment is designed to optimize performance, increase the resiliency of the previously injured body part, and devise a plan for injury prevention for the rest of your body.


5. How can one get the most from their treatment at Myodetox? What recommendations do you have to maintain the prevention of injuries?

To get the most from your Myodetox sessions, it’s a balanced combination of what happens within the clinic, as well as outside of the clinic. We’ll provide some individualized instructions for our clients’ particular issue and emphasize the importance of them performing these tasks independently. We encourage everyone to foster positive habits to empower a health and wellness approach in their life, so the injuries get addressed properly. Whether it comes in the form of specific exercises, changes to existing movement patterns/techniques, selecting proper training equipment, or ergonomic adjustments, the list can be endless! But the important takeaway is that it’s unique to each injury and individual.

A huge recommendation for preventing injuries is first to figure out what are the requirements of a given activity before starting it. Like, what are some of the physical requirements needed to do sprints safely and effectively? But we look at each client on a case-by-case basis to ensure they’re ready to take on this physical activity, and we help to make the necessary recommendations based on how well their body matches up to the requirements of the activity.


A Myodetox session is only one part of the equation. It also comes down to our clients’ commitment to a wanting a lifestyle change, outside of our clinic walls. Every session is a collaborative experience, and it’s important that we as Myodetox Therapists, not only monitor your progress, and adjust your plan as you achieve milestones or become impeded by barriers, but that we keep you engaged and proactive throughout the treatment plan.

Overall, I am so happy with my experience at Myodetox with Boris! Immediately after my first session I was more conscious of my posture, but most importantly my ankles felt stronger and my entire body felt realigned. As soon as I left the clinic, I was raving about my experience and how in just one treatment session I noticed a huge difference, almost as if it were a miracle fix!

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