Wedding Wednesday: Bachelorette Party Ideas

niagara on the lake

When one thinks about a bachelorette party, usually the first thing that comes to mind is Vegas and clubbing while wearing crowns, sashes and various props. While that can certainly be a lot of fun, we’ve compiled a list of bachelorette party ideas of a different nature, take a look!

Niagara On the Lake: Filled with wineries, antique and clothing shops, restaurants, and scenery with the lake and gardens, Niagara On the Lake is a really great spot to celebrate with the girls. There are so many options for things to do, and most places will provide Bachelorette party packages to give you a taste of everything. There are so many wine tours to choose from, many coming along with lunch, winery tastings and tours, and some more fun events for the group to choose from.


Take a Class: Learning something new with a group can be an awesome bonding experience. Try taking a different class and expanding your skills or experiences. There are so many options for new classes to try, whether they are fitness or skill centered- there’s something for everyone. I went to a friends’ bachelorette where the group had hired an aerial yoga instructor to teach us, and everyone had a really great time. Pole dancing, soul cycle, cooking classes or even a cocktail making class are all options to learn something new with your bachelorette group!

bachelorette party

City Scavenger Hunt: Try stepping out of your element by having a scavenger hunt set up for the bride throughout the city. Placing clues and dares or challenges in various places; restaurants, stores, parks, etc. It’s an awesome way to have the night filled with a taste of everything by having the group explore the city, meet new people, and possibly make a fool of themselves, but it’s all in good fun right?

prince edward county

Prince Edward County: Take a short road trip out to cottage country and enjoy a relaxing weekend in Prince Edward County. There are plenty of cottages, campsites and beaches for your girls weekend. The area is known for the sandbanks provincial park which is certainly worth a visit and it also plays home to many wineries, flea markets and spas.

CN Edge Walk

Be Daring: A little more adventurous? Try an adrenaline pumping event with the group. Tree top trekking is a really interesting adventure park where you can spend the day among the trees, zip lining, and swinging from giant swings. The CN tower Edge Walk is another great option for an adventure. There are plenty of activities that will get your heart racing and adrenaline flowing, again making for a memorable bonding experience for the bridal party!


Have any unconventional bachelorette party ideas? Sound off in the comments!





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