I’ve Got A Thing For Prints… J Crew + Drake’s Is Perfection

j crew and drake's


J Crew teamed up with Drake’s from London on a playfully exquisite collection of scarves, ballet flats, tops and pants adorned with tigers, unicorns and birds from Drake’s archives.

j crew and drakes

j crew and drakes

Drake’s is a London institution and has been making these ties and scarves by hand since 1977.  These special prints were created in collaboration with J Crew as Drake’s first and only foray into Womenswear and I think it’s just the most beautiful union!

Here’s what Somsack Sikhoumuong, Head of Womne’s Design at J. Crew had to say about the collection:
Drake’s has such an important heritage and tradition in menswear. One day we thought, let’s see if they’d be interested in doing something for the ladies. After all, any opportunity to borrow from the boys is a great fit for us. We wanted shapes that were simple, classic and clean to show off the intricacy of each print. And who doesn’t love a fancy pajama?!?” – Somsack Sikhounmuong, Head of Women’s Design, J.Crew

See the full collection before it’s gone HERE



j crew & drakes