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Ok, let me preempt this post by admitting I love Jennifer Lau.  She’s not only beautiful on the outside but she is stunning on the inside, plus she’s strong, kind, smart and just an all around lovely being.

But, wait, hold up, errks!  Before I continue to sing her praises, I should probably explain who she is and therefore the reason behind this post.  Jennifer Lau is a fitness expert, personal trainer, Holistic Nutritionist AND the Co-Founder of Fenom Training.  You might also recognize Jennifer from the pages of Coco & Cowe as she’s contributed some sage advice on fitness and nutrition over the years for us.  She also crushed the Nike 15K with us even without a love of running and with arthritis!  She’s gone on to run many more races.  Can you see why I love her so?  Talk about inspiration!

We finally got the chance to get out and get our butts seriously served to us at a Fenom session.  This killer workout is up there as not only one of the toughest, but the most rewarding.  Fenom’s style is fast, heavy and exciting and I swear my body felt better right after.

I chatted with Jennifer about her philosophy behind this killer workout, check it out below:



What is Fenom?
Fenom is a small group strength and conditioning training camp for females.
What is the philosophy behind this style of group training?
The style takes a strength first approach to training with a focus on performance.
We emphasize technique and personalized nutrition to provide a high level of training and coaching as we work with barbells, dumbbells, pull up bars, TRX, sandbags, kettlebells and wall balls.
Why did you start such a program?
The program is a response to the stereotype that women should not be training hard and heavy. We wanted to create a space where females could learn proper technique to gain the benefits of weight training. We build strong, confident females who encourage, push and motivate each other to demand more from their health and fitness.
How many people are typically in a class?
We limit the class to 12 Fenoms in order to allow for attentive coaching and to provide a personal training experience in a class setting.
How can someone sign up?
Check us out at where you can sign up for a consultation and fitness assessment. We are also on Instagram @fenomtraining




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