rose gummy bears

I, like you, might have seen a particular post on Instagram where some magical person had created the ultimate in candy confection.  Yes, said magician had made Whispering Angel gummy bears!  If you’re not familiar with Whispering Angel, know this, it is one of the best Rosé’s out there – some of my friends have actually affectionately re-named it, Summer Water.

rose gummy bears

With a waiting list of over 1,000 people desperately trying to get their hot hands on some gummy goodness I decided to try my hand at whipping up some Rosé gummy bears of my own, and since I’ve lived to tell the tale (aka they weren’t hard to make at all) I’m sharing the recipe here with you!  Just in time for some long weekend fun.

rose gummy bears


What you’ll need:

Gummy bear moulds – I got minis but try and get full size for this recipe so you don’t have overage

-1 cup of your favourite Rosé (and or the cheapest one you can find, you’ll be heating it up and adding sugar and messing with the whole composition so it def doesn’t have to be high end)

-1/2 cup of sugar

-6 packs of gelatin (we like this one)

-6 drops of LorAnn Sparkling Wine candy flavouring – yes, it’s a thing

-1 drop of pink food colouring

rose gummy bears

How To:

-Place moulds on a tray with a lip and set aside

-Add wine to a small pot and heat

-While it’s heating mix sugar and gelatin and once the wine starts to bubble, add gelatin/sugar mixture

-Once the sugar has dissolved (not getting to a boil, we want to keep some of the real booziness, so keep your mixture at a low-medium heat) add your drops of flavouring and colour

-Once combined take it off the heat immediately and place in a measuring cup or a jar with a spout

-Pour into your moulds – I found this tricky so I poured pretty liberally and used a spatula to push the mixture into the bears

-Once evenly distributed place in the fridge and leave to chill for around 2 hours

-When they are all nice and chilled pop them out of the mould and serve!

ROSEedits_EFP_9208 ROSEedits_EFP_9223

rose gummy bears

If you don’t eat them all straight away (what is wrong with you?!?) make sure to place them in an air tight bag and keep stored in the fridge.  These gummies like to stay chilled.

Hope you enjoy!  Have an amazing Labour Day weekend!







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