Lays – Take Us Away! Going On A Flavour Vacation


This week we went on a trip around the world.  A trip around the world and we didn’t even leave the front door of my house!  That’s right, we took a page out of Lay’s Guide To Pretending You Go Places and headed all the way to Thailand in the comfort of my living room.



I was dying to have a girls trip but getting everyone’s schedules to match up is pretty much the most impossible thing to do these days so we had a girls afternoon filled with good food, decorated with nods to Thai culture and style and snacked on my newest fave chip, Lay’s Thai Sweet Chilli.  They’re so good that when the girl’s tried them they totally thought I had actually bought them in Thailand and brought them home!



It was so fun getting together with my friends for a little simple afternoon party and instead of planning a big escape we went on our own little ‘flavour vacation.’  We want to give you the opportunity to have a flavour vacation of your own!  Lay’s will be giving one lucky winner a prize pack that includes $100 gift card and the 3 best flavours from around the world, Thai Sweet Chilli, Cheese & Onion, and Bacon Poutine!

lays thailand

To enter, leave a comment here or on my last Lay’s Instagram post and tell us what your dream destination would be!  Winner will be chosen in one week so get commenting!