Mr. Cowe: Kerastase Homme, The Best Grooming Products You’ll Ever Use


I have to admit, I have an obsession with Kerastase Homme and you can too!

I experienced “K” (as it’s referred to in the industry) for the first time at the beginning of the year when I decided to go blonde at The White House Inc Salon. I was introduced to Kerastase Homme, which has been the secret behind my daily hair care and styling routine since going blonde. It’s a hair styling collection designed specifically for men, which to be honest is something us guys look for all the time! The days of using whatever you find in the shower, or that bottle of fruit-scented women’s shampoo you’re ashamed to admit you use, are long gone! I paid a visit to my friends at The White House Inc Salon to try out Kerastase Homme’s newly designed products and formula.



Kicking things off with a fresh new fade and clean up by Adrien Fiorio, we used Kerastase Homme Capital Force Shampoo to wash my hair prior to beginning the styling process. Getting your hair washed at a salon is one of life’s simple pleasures, and one I thoroughly enjoy. One of my favourite things about a product is the smell and without a doubt, Kerastase Homme’s daily treatment shampoo smells amazing. It has the perfect balance of smelling fresh and light, with a gentle masculine scent.



 Using Kerastase Homme Capital Force Sculpting fixing gel, we applied a small amount to my towel-dried hair to create some initial play and texture.


Next, we used a medium-sized round bristle brush and hairdryer to begin shaping and styling my hair.

To complete the look, we used Kerastase Densifique – Baume Densite Homme, modelling texturizing paste to create a flexible hold with an awesome densifying effect. This is one of the best styling products I’ve ever used and can’t get enough of it! It uses 2 key ingredients, arginine, which is one the most important amino acids that composes your hair fibers and stimulates hair substance, and a texturizing polymer, which instantly densify’s your hair. Running the paste through my hair instantly created a semi-matte finish and lots of texture, which I love!


Check out the finished look below…


Want to win the Kerastase Homme collection for yourself? We’re giving away:

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2) Kerastase Homme Capital Force Sculpting fixing gel
3) Kerastase Baume Densite Homme – Modelling texturizing paste
4) Kerastase Homme Capital Force Densifying modelling paste


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Photography by Elaine Fancy


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