Motivation Monday: Your House Fitness




With our increasingly busy schedules finding time to workout is tough.   There have been plenty of mornings that I’ve rolled out of bed and into the rain, cursing and wishing someone could just come over to my house and give me a workout.  I was pretty thrilled when Ben from Your House Fitness emailed me letting me know his company does just that!




From boxing to barre and everything in between, Your House Fitness has 12 certified personal trainers with a passion for health and fitness.  With Toronto becoming such a bustling business hub Sergio and Ben (the founders) thought what better than cut out the stress of finding a gym and the time to get there and tailor it completely to the needs of busy city dwellers.  Whether in the gym in your condo or in your house, the team at Your House fitness will get you sweating.


I tried a combo of cardio based training and boxing and had a blast.  I felt pumped to start my day and thankful that all I had to do was go upstairs and hop in the shower. If you’re looking for a solution to fit working out into your schedule at your convenience, you should totally check out Your House Fitness.




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