Podcast Love: Women Of The Hour with Lena Dunham, #DifferenceMaker


I love podcasts.  Growing up my parents would almost exclusively listen to CBC radio when in the car so talk radio was a big thing for us.  When I finally got into podcasts, I was hooked.  But the thing about podcasts that can be tricky is finding the ones that you actually like, because there are tons and tons of podcasts out there.

So to help you navigate the wild world of Podcasts I’m going to introduce you to one a week.  To kick things off I wanted to start with something close to my heart, kick-butt women!   Lena Dunham has an incredible podcast called Women of the Hour and today she launched an amazing episode in partnership with Clinique’s Difference Initiative.  In this episode she speaks with inspiring women, Difference Makers, Gina Rodriguez, Erendira Ibarra, Jessica Nkosi & Jane Lauder.

The point of this podcast is to “empower women to be their best selves.”  Who wouldn’t want to get behind that action?

I encourage you to listen, get inspired and share with your friends.  We all need to share positive, uplifting things a little more.

To listen to the podcast check it out HERE and listen to Episode 1

To learn more about the amazing work Clinique is doing with #DifferenceMaker campaign click HERE


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