Four Seasons’ Hottest New Property Opens in Lower Manhattan

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Newsflash: I’ve started a new business, Halo PR Group, and have been working quietly (and feverishly) with my new partner, Halla Rafati, to get it off the ground.  One of our clients is the newest Four Seasons property in Downtown New York.  To say it’s a dream come true to have this opportunity would be an absolute understatement.


This morning everything came together with the official ribbon cutting ceremony.  All of New York’s key players were there from media to civic, union and business leaders as the opening of the Four Seasons in Lower Manhattan really brings together all of the incredible hard work that has poured into the neighbourhood to bring it back since the tragedy of 9/11.

Four Seasons NY Downtown


The developer and visionary, Larry Silverstein spoke to the struggle of bringing the beauty back to Lower Manhattan.  Architect, Robert Stern, spoke to the importance of respecting it’s surroundings (the Woolworth Building is our neighbour) and bringing some of old New York back to New York.  President and CEO of Four Seasons, Allen Smith, spoke to capturing the spirit of this amazing historic hood.


This property really is like no other and I can’t wait to share more behind the scenes with you as soon as I get a few spare moments.


Thank you for all of your supportive and encouraging messages on Instagram and Twitter!  I have so much love for you all.

See more from FS NY Downtown HERE and stay tuned for a full look behind the scenes of this gorgeous hotel.




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  1. Love the hotel but most of all congrats on your new business venture. It’s amazing and I admire your business acumen.

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