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Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays, not only because of the excuse to cook and eat tons of delicious food with friends and family, but also because it’s a time to take pause and reflect on all that I am grateful for.

The team and I all wanted to share so check out all our reflections below, sometimes it feels good to write it down. If you want to share, we’d love to hear what you’re grateful for in the comments below.  Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m, of course, very grateful for the amazing blessing that my daughter is.  Day to day she continues to grow and change and watching that process is absolutely one of the most fantastic wonders of life.  She makes me work harder, believe more and learn so much in the process.  Though there are plenty of tough moments, nothing is more amazing than the sound of her giggles and her unadulterated love of life.

I am also tremendously grateful for my family, friends and team that I work with.  Without their love and support I would never have gotten through this past year and I count my blessings daily.  Especially today.

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Harlowe was asked what she is thankful for at school and she named, Siena, my best friend’s daughter who is living with us as her home gets renovated.  I am also so grateful for these two girls to have this time together.  Watching them grow up together these past months has been the most amazing thing.  They now call each other sister and love each other like it was true.  Kids are so inspiring.





I am thankful for the unyeilding love and support of my friends and family.




This thanksgiving I am most thankful for my family and friends.

I think we take advantage of the ones we love sometimes and expect them to be there for us when times get rough. But this year has proven that the ones you are close to, are there to support you when you least expect it and help you rise above your problems.

So this year, I am ever so thankful for all of those closely surrounding me.

Karen Michelle:

karen michelle

I am thankful for love – for the people who love me and without knowing, teach me love that I never knew existed. For love that reminds me that others happiness can be my own, and that love shared is multiplied. Happy Thanksgiving!



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