Halloween Sweet Table Decor With Command® Brand

3M halloween

Since Harlowe and I went to Lowes a month ago (A MONTH AGO!) and they were already gearing up for Halloween she’s been asking me when we’re going to decorate.  Never one to shy away from an opportunity to get a little crafty I thought I would try my hand at spooking the place up.  I have been obsessing over Andrea Mastrovito’s black butterflies ever since his installation at Dior Hommes way back in ‘08 and when coming up with a concept for the design that would be fun but still cool I decided a travelling pack of bats would be the perfect backdrop.    Here is how I pulled off this project:


First you’ll need the following:

  • Black construction paper
  • A template for the bat in two sizes, I drew mine freehand and then cut it out and traced it, but you can download one and cut that out if drawing isn’t your thing (like this one:
  • Command® Party Ceiling Hooks
  • Command® Clear Mounting Strips
  • Some pumpkins – I love white because they’re pretty and also a little different
  • Apothecary jars filled with your favourtie Halloween themed candy
  • efp_6535

3M Halloween

We cut out a bunch of bats from construction paper in two sizes and used Command® Clear Mounting Strips to adhere them to the wall. To add depth we then tied fishing wire to Command® Party Ceiling Hooks took two bats taped the fishing wire down the centre of one bat and fastened the other bat on top using Command® Clear Mounting Strips to give it a 3D affect.  H insisted it wasn’t spooky enough so we added a spider-web by simply taping yarn to the wall with the Command® Clear Mounting Strips in a web pattern and also adding little spiders to the pumpkins with the Strips as well (clearly a fan of the Command® Clear Mounting Strips)







We had so much fun putting this spooky sweet table together!  The only problem is keeping the little lady out of the candy jars!


Now if you want to try your hand at this or any other crafty activity from October 17th the 31st Amazon is having an awesome promotion with  Command® products which you should totally check out.  I know I am!




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