Mr Cowe: Thursday Thought- Dating Today

Flirting couple in the park texting on smartphones

Swipe left, swipe right, up, down and tilt your head sideways. That’s the effort it takes to understand dating in 2016. It’s all quite the Bumble these days.


In a digital world filled with enough to deal with, it comes as no surprise that dating and relationships have undergone an extreme shift. Dating has become the equivalent of a mindless game on your phone. Where’s the chivalry, the spontaneous, gut wrenching “hi” you say to a guy or girl you’re interested in on the street, in a coffee shop, or at a party? As our communication lines continue to grow, our communication skills as people seem to have come to a halt. It’s easier to send a wink face or tongue out emoji to imply your intentions, rather than actually saying what you’re feeling- with words. Why did we take such a special bond we create as humans and begin to separate ourselves further and further?


Everyone should take a step back and really evaluate how they can communicate in a meaningful way. Pickup the phone and call someone to say, “Hi, how was your day”, rather than a text. Send them a photo of yourself smiling, rather than sending an emoji or worse, complaining that they didn’t see your latest selfie on instagram or snapchat.


We no longer want to truly understand each others wants and needs, it’s now become phrased as “what are you looking for?” A question so direct that any answer you give will be over analyzed and misinterpreted. If you replied that you’re looking for something serious, it raises a red flag for most people. Whereas if you replied that you’re looking to meet new people and date, people could assume that you’re a serial dater and talking to many guys/girls and likely having fun along the way (which there is nothing wrong with) but the point is that communication is becoming increasingly more difficult.


I’m not saying these apps are bad, on the contrary, they allow us to connect to people we may never cross paths with if it weren’t for virtually meeting with the swipe of a finger. I just think that people need to develop relationships from online to IRL. We need to make more of an effort to understand and listen rather than read and reply.


And hey, it may just increase your chances at finding the one…or getting lucky.


// Rob Loschiavo


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