The Oculus, Lower Manhattan

the oculus

While I was recently in New York I had the opportunity to explore a whole new side of the city, Lower Manhattan. I’m working on a post with my Fave 5 from there but in the meantime I just wanted to take a moment to admire the beauty that is The Oculus.

the oculus

Designed by famed Spanish architect, Santiago Calatrava, this epic white structure (which felt more like art to me) is actually a train station that connects Jersey to Manhattan officially dubbed The World Trade Centre Transportation Hub.

the oculus

Located between the revitalized beauty of the World Trade buildings, The Oculus’ soaring white spine and fins are said to be reminiscent of a child releasing a dove; a beautiful nod to the hope of peace.

Within the Oculus you not only see the incredible inner workings of the structure, but also a subterranean space that is filled with light.  The building was created to bring the outside in, the sunshine down, to let light in and that is exactly what you get.  Thousands of tourists gather daily for that ultimate selfie and I’m sure Fashion Bloggers went bonkers when they first saw this bright, white canvas that they could play with.

the oculus

When the development was first being conceptualized and it first went to bid Westfield took up their original 1 million dollar first right of refusal and agreed to be the tenant.  With that, you can now find an excellent shopping and dining inside The Oculus.  Everything for COS to Sephora to Eataly and Joe And The Juice are within this magical structure.

the oculus

the oculus


Though the structure was incredibly over budget and very, very, late, there isn’t much you can do but be in absolute awe of it when you first make its acquaintance.  In a place that will be forever shadowed with the misery of loss and destruction, something as oddly beautiful – stark white, glaringly bright- as this will be sure to be celebrated in years to come.

What are your thoughts on The Oculus?  Awesome or atrocious?




photos by Elaine Fancy 


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