Restaurants We Love: Momofuku


While Coco and the team were away in New York and Paris, working on exciting projects, I was checking out a few restaurants that I have been dying to try! We always want to share what we love, so today we’re sharing a restaurant I should have visited sooner.


Momofuku Daishō, located at 190 University Avenue, on the third floor, is one of 4 restaurants that make up the Momofuku Group. This steak house encased in glass boasts some cool views of our bustling financial district while offering some of the most delicious food.

I was craving red meat (which happens like, almost never) and opted for their lunch prix-fixe menu consisting of a featured bun of the month, Beef Skirt Ssäm (lettuce wraps) and the most delicious charred cabbage (that I would totally order as a main) – It was SO good!



Jamika was in the mood for a burger and went with the Shrimp Stack Burger that was accompanied with gourmet onion rings and a slaw.

Our food was amazing, as was the service.



If you haven’t yet been, don’t wait as long as I did and make sure you visit.



Karen Michelle


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