A Rotisserie Is Not Only For Chicken… Chef Daniel Boulud Shows Us Why


Last week Internationally acclaimed Chef and all around nice guy, Chef Daniel Boulud was in town for a very special occasion; to kick off the winter menu at his Toronto outpost, Cafe Boulud.  Doesn’t sound so special, you say?  Well you’re wrong.  Wrong because this wasn’t your typical winter menu of stews and heavy heartiness we Canadians are so accustomed to.  No, this menu featured his special rotisserie, yes, the one that makes the best chicken in Toronto, but, no, not just that again.  This time Daniel pulled a special rabbit out of his hat creating an entire menu, three delicious items, beef, lobster & trout, all made on the rotisserie!


Now those who know me know I barely eat a thing from the sea unless it’s masked to taste like something completely not from the sea.  But there must  be something magical that happens to food when it winds around that legendary machinery made from the biggest and oldest rotisserie manufacturer in Rotisol, France.



We began with lobster on this bed of magical celeriac creaminess.


Followed by trout which I actually ate (all of) which is unheard of because as I’ve mentioned before, I am no fish fan.  Now the fish fanatics at the table also sang this dish’s praises, so you know it’s good.  The trout was wrapped in bacon and sage and stuffed with tomato, pine nuts and swiss chard.


The rib-eye somehow managed to be cooked to perfection also on the rotisserie alongside some yummy root vegetable and fingerling potatoes with a bone marrow jus.


To finish (if you can fit anymore) a slow roasted honey crisp apple with maple-cranberry syrup and walnut ice cream.  If you’re like me, you will find a way to fit this perfect rendition of an apple directly into your mouth as quickly as possible if only to stop any potential reach over from those strange people who didn’t opt in for the dessert.  Opt in.  Always opt in.


As a matter of fact, all of the above is on a very special Prix Fixe menu at Cafe Boulud from November 14-30th for $95.00 and is the perfect thing to kick off the holiday season.

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