Friends-Mas Dinner With 3M!


With American Thanksgiving just around the corner and Christmas following quickly behind we wanted to get ahead of the holiday season and put on a Friends-mas get together with some of our closest before everything gets hectic. We partnered with 3M to do a little transformation that looked gorgeous but was also very easy to put together and then pull apart.

We wanted to go for a rustic chic look using a wood table as the base and adding gold, silver and green accents to give it a little glamification.

Being that it’s close to Christmas and Christmas is a time you can go a little OTT (over the top for those who don’t know my mother) we decided to hang the center piece rather than go the traditional route. We also took a plain white table runner and spruced it up with our fave DIY buddy, ScotchBlue™.

Here’s how: Glam Table Runner:

What you’ll need:

  • A runner, either homemade or you can buy a pre-made simple white linen one from Ikea (like we did)
  • A roll of ScotchBlue™ Painters Tape
  • A ruler or measuring tape
  • Spray paint





How to:

  • Lay it flat and plan out your pattern. We chose a simple stripe design because we knew we were going to have a lot going on and wanted to streamline the design
  • In order to keep the stripes looking even we used a measuring tape to mark a 4 inch space between each piece of tape
  • Once you’ve mapped out your design start placing your tape. Ensure you go over the edges to ensure a clean line
  • Press the tape down so that it’s flush but don’t stress over it, this tape is great for getting the straight line down first try
  • Once your design is all taped out, get painting!
  • We chose spray paint because of the ease – spray paint is fast to apply, fast to dry and distributes very evenly
  • When it’s all sprayed leave it to dry
  • Once dry remove the ScotchBlue™ Painters Tape to reveal a whole new super glam runner!

Though we painted our table runner outside we were super glad that we installed our Filtrete™ furnace filter because any smell of spray paint was whisked away way in advance of our guests arriving!

Hanging center pieces:

What you’ll need:

  • 2 Wire Wreath Frames- we chose a 16 and 24 inch frames
  • A bunch of winter greens
  • Some flowers to compliment your colours – we chose white tulips and baby pink carnations as well as some baby’s breath
  • Heavy duty floral scissors
  • Clear fishing wire
  • Command® Small Clear Wire Hooks






These particular wreath frames are awesome because they come with green wires so you don’t have to buy floral wire – unless you want to get really crazy with your design

How to:

  • Secure greens around the inside and outside wires with more of a concentration on the bottom of the wreath so they hang down closer to the table
  • Weave the greens around the frames until the wreath is full
  • Add a few tulips hanging in a downward motion so that they are not bunched
  • Add a few carnations to add colour and depth to the wreaths
  • To hang the wreaths use fishing wire – string two strands of fishing wire to the desired height above table.
  • Tie your fishing wire together and knot it.
  • Using Command® Small Clear Wire Hooks –place your fishing wire on two hooks and remove the adhesive on the 3M clips. Adhere the Command® Hook to the ceiling above your table

Voila! Your hanging wreaths are complete and add so much to a table for so little




This project was so much fun to put together and made so much easier with the help of Command®, Filtrete™ and ScotchBlue™ Painters Tape. The best part? The clean up! No mess and no paint off my walls.

Can’t wait to see what my friends think!






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