Turning Screen Time Into Learning Time with Idello!


My daughter loves her iPad.  I have to admit we were late adapters of the whole iPad game.  I went through many a lunch/dinner tantrum in public before someone said to me: I’m so surprised she doesn’t have an iPad.  The intention was to praise me for not giving in but I took it the opposite and basically ran out and got one.  Fast forward a few months and our dinners and lunches out in public became much more civil with a lot less pain, but with a whole heap more iPad.

Though I loved the peace and actually being able to have a decent meal that I enjoyed outside of the house, I began growing more and more concerned with H being glued to her screen dressing up princesses and not doing much productive.  After speaking to a friend of mine about my concerns she suggested Idello,

Idello is an online hub for all things educational served up in French by TFO.  Toying with the idea of sending Harlowe to French Immersion next year, I loved the idea of giving her games, shows, stories and creative activities in French that kept her entertained and taught her a thing or two.

If you’re like me and frustrated with your kid’s screen time but love the little bit of freedom it allows and love them to learn, click HERE for a free two month trial to check it out.



p.s. Do you think I need to clean my computer??  lol!


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